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What's up week 34

We have the major celestial event of 2017 on Monday (21/8), the total solar eclipse. Most of the work is actually set in place in the weeks coming up to this day. This Monday is more about moving through, keeping balanced and keeping your Joy-meter high. Looking for what makes you feel at peace, in harmony and joyful. The heart energy is all around, what you have to do is silence your busy mind for a few moments to connect.

The influence period of a Solar Eclipse traditionally last for one year. This one appears in Leo New Moon. On the positive side, Leo emphasis personifies fiery and charismatic leadership that is strong-willed, dominant and full of self-confidence. The other side of the coin to be aware of is that it can all turn into arrogance, over controlling despot that is resistant to change.

Seeing that we are in a major energy shift, resistant to change is not good for anyone.

We also have Uranus as the only planet visible in this Solar Eclipse and Uranus promotes progressive or revolutionary changes. So again go with the flow of changes right now that is pushing us to get down to business to get going, whether we are prepared or not. Take the first steps. See how you can start to move in your direction of these new energies.

Don’t be surprised if it’s in a direction that you are not used to or didn’t see coming. Follow your gut, follow your instinct and see it through.

Get in touch with your childlike, bright-outlook well of wisdom that still lives within you, if you find changes hard. Also experiences’ from childhood or younger days may even unexpectedly provide inspiration for your current situation. Think back to times in your life that are similar to what you’re facing now. Make notes about how you handled those events and how you might apply what you learned to the present.

Take special care to see the past accurately without putting positive or negative spin on it.

We have more celestial events this week. On Tuesday doors are being opened for the second time this year for you to get a lot done because it’s easy to stay focused this day. Although progress may be slow, hard work and determination will bring amazing results.

Friday we move into two significant events. First is the end of Saturn retrograde, which indicates that for the first time since last April it’s time to break new ground on the structure that define your life. Again – go with the flow of change.

We also have a Venus move from Cancer to Leo that will focus on the more dramatic side of love and finances.

Saturday there is another shift which will bring insights from the past or from the unconscious. Memories or people from the past can re-emerge in your life, bringing enchanting surprises with them.

This is a week to be active, look for the positive and follow your instincts and did I say it - go with changes that are coming….

Affirmation of the week: When I find peace in myself the surrounding follows!

Have lovely week!


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