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What's up week 37

This week’s menu has something for everyone.

It’s an action-packed week where you have directions pulling you in different ways, both work and play. Your goal this week will be to balance the two.

It will be moving you quick, smooth and delightful when you are aligned with your goals and your wants, heart, body and soul.

There’s much serene beauty in life. However, that kind of tranquillity may be overlooked when you’re fixed on things that make you unhappy.

Release negative situations or relations and return to your own inner peace. Make sure your thoughts are thoroughly focused on optimistic outcomes. Envision the present and future you want to manifest, where you want to go and put your steps in that direction.

Tuesday 12/9 we are fully out of Mercury retrograde and Venus is moving in to Leo making it a great time for dramatic commitments.

Wednesday is not a good day to try to make things happen. Things will go smoother if you can arrange to work around this day and try again next week.

Saturday, we get mental energy in regards of health, service and work.

Sunday is a perfect day for making new friends or recharging old relationships.

Affirmation of the week; My focus is clear, my heart is open and I’m ready to go.

Check out Meditation Bar in my App “Maria Rinné Energy” (available in Google Play and App Store for free) where you have weekly shorter meditations to balance the weeks energies. In this week’s “Lunch Time Chill” meditation we set focus and open our third eye to see life from a higher dimension.

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