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What's up week 38

We are moving into the sign of Virgo this week.

Venus kicks off the show when it enters Virgo on Tuesday (19/9) and the usual down-to-earth and sensible Venus, falls and loses a bit of balance.

You might become critical, worrisome, and hard to please.

The upside is that Venus in Virgo makes us want to display a pure beauty with a perfect figure, so it’s a good time to hit the gym or get a facial.

The Virgo New Moon on Wednesday also signals that the next two weeks are prime time for initiating a diet, making healthier life choices and creating a more satisfying work environment.

This is a week where you can get a lot done. You have communication like a free motorway, clear, straight to the point and well received WHEN communicating and acting from your heart.

Yes, your brain is there to help but it is the words of your inner wisdom that wants to come out this week, not your history and analysis.

So, be assertive when it comes to what you know is right in your gut and things will work your way. You might even have the Midas touch in entrepreneurial endeavours.

The New Moon on Wednesday also puts us an ideal time to start up new projects, new relationships, routines or whatever change you are up for.

Friday is autumn equinox, the first day of the fall and a day when day and night are equally long. This is a good day to take stock of your life, to see if your personal scales are balanced.

Where are you in life and where do you want to go. Where do you want to be in six months’ time at the spring equinox or in say ten years’ time?

Also check in on your daily “life-scale”, do you have balance between work and play, in your diet, in your exercise? One of the few places we don’t need to think about that balance is in regards of love, joy and beauty, there your cup can run over.

Be aware of Neptune coming in to the picture this week, it can throw us off our game a bit.

First up is Tuesday when Neptune can create a confusing brain-fog and you could miss some important details. Be sure to be as clear as possible in all your communication and again speak and act from your heart.

Then on Sunday it’s the same tricky communication where you are advised to again make sure you speak from the heart. Also, please pay attention to subliminal texts that you’ve been sending to yourself via dreams or intuitions.

Affirmation of the week: My communication has an open and clear path from my heart.

If you want to get help to clear your throat chakra, your energy centre for communication, this week’s "Lunch Time Chill" meditation at the "Meditation Bar" (in my app) is all about that.

You can also dive deeper into tclearing your throat Chakra with this meditation at Youtube;

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