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What's up week 39

We are moving into a week where there are doors opening all over. Things are happening that moves us along. Your hard work during the year is now evolving.

Our task is to decide which open doors to walk through. Where to put our focus and energy. You do this best by checking in with your body to see which direction brings you the most joy, the most sense of freedom and happiness. It might not be the usual choices you thought you would take. It might be something completely new, out of the blue that is hitting your body and soul to the degree that you just know, this is the door.

For the week we say, keep moving, check in with your body and keep your mind focused on the outcome and keep your mind light. Focus on what it is you would like to add to your life.

Be aware of your dreams this week, they could be extra clear with messages you didn’t pick up during the day.

You may also want to get ready for your own personal back to the future. This is one of those unusual weeks when three different planetary alignments from last spring repeat themselves.

First up is Monday that could echo a minor depression that affected you last March. When this occurs it’s important to get some sunlight in your life by going outside, buying yellow flowers or suing SAD light bulbs. Also, to keep your focus on what it is you want instead of don’t want.

Then on Thursday you get at second shot at being your authentic self and separating from the social norm. It’s a day when it’s easy to find your true North, especially if you can find some humour in situations.

Friday, we are advised to keep our feet on the ground or we might do something we’ll later regret. Again, check in with your body and keep your mind light. Share your concerns with a compassionate friend or maybe you are the one for someone in your group.

On Sunday, we have a brilliant opportunity to be productive, use it well.

Affirmation of the week I move with ease, creating a flow, anchored in my heart.

Love & Light,


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