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What's up week 41

We have a week in front of us that could be seen as a challenging week, or as a healing week if you are up for some profound changes.

Changes that are here to bring forth an authentic side of you. A side of you that is healed and full of light.

Remember when things happen this week that it has a bigger purpose.

It’s not about getting scared, it’s nothing like that.

If things won’t go the way you planned, remember there is a higher purpose. There is something for you to learn or see.

There is something for you to heal in the situation. Looking at it from that angle, it’s a beautiful week.

We kick off on Monday with power struggles at the top of the agenda. You need to go deep and decide whether it’s better to fish or cut bait.

Then on Tuesday Jupiter makes its move of the year and enters Scorpio. Here Jupiter goes on an underground quest for meaning and looks at life’s deeper mysteries. Helping us see what’s been hidden, both good and bad.

Wednesday comes with a different energy that can bring delays, frustration and obstacles. The best way through this conflict is to stay the course and have lots of patients.

Then on Sunday Venus makes a positive shift telling you to rather be sweat than sour. Luckily that will come more natural to us now due to Venus shift letting our charming, diplomatic and idealistic parts shine through. The flipside is that we might gloss over any unpleasant part of a relationship.

The week ends with a bit stressful energy that can make your brain go into overload. Again, the flipside is that it might also give you some unusual new insights.

Remember this week to focus on the positive in your life. Let go of Ego. Don’t let mind get into worry that can grow out of proportion to the problem

Take a few moments to go for a walk in nature, talk to your guides, your higher self and quite your mind. Things will be better, soon. Breath!

Explore ways to reduce your anxiety and stop take on the problems of the world this week at least.

Move slow, get out of your head and drop your ego to see a bigger picture.

Affirmation of the week: I am No One - I am EveryOne

Keeping it light!


p.s. if you’d like some help getting out of your head, check out this energy workshop Breaking Boundaries

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