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What's up week 42

Welcome to a bit of an up-side down week, again! We have a New Moon and three sign changes that can make this a week where you’re going to have to be flexible.

We are up for some completely new thought patterns and we may act out in ways not accustomed to us. This happens when we react on energy that before slipped through.

It’s like we got a new pair of sensors or eyes, that are seeing things from a new point of view. Making us take a stand, release or open up, in whatever area it might be.

When this happens, when you are doing things out of your ordinary or maybe even out of your comfort zone, go with the flow as long as it’s your own energy that speaks to you.

This is you advancing in and with the energy we are going through.

This is a moment to step into the spotlight. It can feel awkward but it’s essential at this time. Be genuine and optimistic and remember to celebrate what you achieve.

Stay centred, strong and true to your sense of purpose.

Tuesday our mental focus become more intense as we search for hidden meanings. It looks as if that search will get bigger and wider on Wednesday when also optimism and enthusiasm prosper.

Be prepared to expect the unexpected.

Thursday, we have a New Moon in Libra and with that we are heading towards times where there are opportunities, new beginnings and a good time to start to use this new set of eyes.

This New Moon can also be a bit restless and unpredictable. Try and avoid risky businesses and focus on balance.

Sunday, we have two more planetary changes one that can bring difficulties in making decisions the coming 6 weeks. Then the Sun moves in to Scorpio and we are heading towards a minefield of emotions to navigate the next month. The bright side is that it has a potential of being the most healing and transforming time of the year. Again, act out of love and in the flow with your energy. Don’t push or shove, make your point without fighting.

Affirmation of the week is: Me, my energy and I - when I flow I grow.

You have weekly balancing meditations at the Meditation Bar in my app - Maria Rinné Energy - free to download the app at Google Play and App Store.

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