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What's up week 43

We are moving further along with the heart energy and this week we may notice quicker shifts in our life.

Please remember that in the new times your thought process, what you focus on, what you say and how you act is of importance.

It sends out your energetic vibration to attract and create, both the good and the not so good.

The positive part is that in these times of quicker attractions you will see when your focusing on the opposite to what you would like to bring in to your life sooner, so you can change and re-route your mind.

It’s still you that needs to do the work and remember to notice when you’re walking a thin line.

You can even see it as a fulltime job to get into a high positive vibe, by setting your mind on focusing on what you got, not your lack or don’t wants.

If you can do this, you’ll be stepping on a fast-moving train to a beautiful path and place.

Also release any thought of control, any thought of knowing how, where or when. Switch that to a feeling of already being there, already achieved what it is you like to achieve, without specifics.

There’s great power in quieting your mind through meditation or taking a break. Solutions that previously eluded you can because you overthought them suddenly become crystal clear.

If you notice you’re heading the wrong direction and don’t see a way out, try stop thinking about it for now. Focus upon something else or take steps to neutralise troubling situations and stifled emotions.

Healthy sleep is always good and now even more so. Show your body the love it deserves by providing it with the time it needs to recuperate and seek out ways to recounter stress to help your mind get quite enough to refocus.

On Tuesday we are provided with access to our intuitive side. If your work requires logic and critical thinking, stay at home or lay low.

If you are in marketing, creative writing or photography for example, you’ll have a good flow of the day.

Then on Thursday it’s good times, with enthusiasm high and opportunities abound. Start the day with expecting the best and you’ll might get it.

Friday is time to take a step back when there is a swirl of extreme emotions in the air. It could be a deeply transformative day, but the changes might come from the format of revenge, sex, jealousy or manipulation.

By the end of the week things settle down and you can relax and celebrate what you’ve been through, how you handled the week and where it’s taken you.

Affirmation for the week is – I move like the tide - breathing in acceptance and breathing out resistance.

Let’s go and meat your higher self,


p.s Did you know that every week you can tune into energies that helps balance the weeks vibes. You’ll find transformational meditations fr the week in my Meditation Bar at my App – Maria Rinné Energy, called Lunch Time Chill. It’s €3 / weekly mediation. However, if you become a monthly patron with the Good vibes package you’ll get the weekly meditations included.

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