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What's up week 44

Embrace your true purpose!

This is going to be a surprisingly quite week, but we still have a little bit more soul searching to do, or maybe we should call it shadow searching.

Use the week to really shine a light on our darker parts. Things we have been trying to hide from ourselves for a long time.

This is now perfect time to face them and by doing so releasing them once and for all.

It might sound like hard work or a bit scary but it’s even harder work to keep them. It’s even scarier to keep them.

Face whatever comes up by looking within, what is this trigging or doing with you and do you know why. Where is the lighter path you could be walking on instead of hiding in the shadows. By noticing and recognising your part, you are releasing its power and history.

Next step to accept that its part of you and then it will be released as a trigger, as a factor that is influencing you in your decisions and way of life. That’s good news, right!

Then you can begin your new adventure, one where you trust and believe in yourself. Happiness and self-confidence begin with an act of faith. When you’ve seen what’s been holding you back your fears are transformed and you can make a decision that follows your heart’s desire.

Start telling supportive people of your intentions. The voicing of our hopes helps us have the courage of our convictions to bring about real change.

On Friday our emotional, spiritual and creative juices stirs up and encourages us to pay homage to something bigger than ourselves.

By the end of the week, Saturday, we have a full moon. This one is a nice sturdy Taurus moon that brings some stability finally into our life. It’s been a rocky road the whole year. Now we are moving into the final stretch where the pulling and pushing is slowing down and fading out.

This Taurus full moon also makes the next two weeks a good time to wind down artistic projects, get rid of bad habits (that you’ve shone your light to during the week) and complete assignments.

Watch out on Saturday for a planetary opposition between Venus and Uranus that could signal a surprising hard spell for even the most stable relationships and unpredictable turns in finances.

On Sunday, mercury makes a move into Sagittarius stirring our thinking process to a disadvantage by missing details, not reading the fine print and a tendency to throw tact to wind, blurt out observations best kept private. These tendencies will last till the end of the year. Be warned and prepared.

Affirmation of the week – I’m letting my light spread into my darkest corners, to free myself from their spell.

Keeping it light for deeper possibilities!


P.s. If you like some help balance the energies of the week and shine your light on a situation, check out this week’s 'Lunch Time Chill’ meditation.

You find it in my app “Maria Rinné Energy” at the Meditation Bar or if you’re a monthly patron at; Patreon Maria Rinné Energy

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