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What's up week 45

We have a bit of a calmer week ahead of us, in the sense that there are no major energetic happenings. It’s more of a flow from this full moon that we just past with its stable energy that is grounding you and your ideas, your life your work. Grounding you solid and peaceful.

There is one planetary shift to be aware of and that is Tuesday 7/11 when Venus switches from diplomatic Libra to the intense emotional landscape of Scorpio, where matters of the heart are taken as matters of life and death. Get ready to dig deep into those emotions for the rest of the month.

During the week there might be some new thoughts coming in, I mean completely out of the box for you. Still in some way they will feel familiar. Let them come and let them flow. See what life has in store for you this week by just going with the flow. Seeing that there is no major energetic turbulence, it’s a good time to practise your trust. Practise the ability to follow your heart in a clam and safe environment. Breath in trust, breath out fear.

There has been a lot going on and now is perfectly fine to use this week as well-deserved paus to relax. Not only fine but even a necessity for some of you and your health. All work and no play can make life no fun. It may be a challenge to balance your career with your personal life, but its critical to your physical and emotional health.

Do what you can to reduce stress in life. Find moments during the day to take breaks. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and reassign tasks to competent co-workers or family members. Remove anything from your schedule that isn’t necessary and reclaim that time as your own.

Remember trust your heart, trust your strength and trust your ability.

Affirmation of the week – I can and I will.

Keeping it light!


P.s. this week’s balancing meditation is a calming and peaceful energy that we bring into our life’s. We literary calm the inner sea of emotions to get in contact with our strength. You'll find it in the Meditation Bar/Lunch Time Chill, at my app - Maria Rinné Energy, or if you become a "Good Vibes" monthly patreon you'll get all weekly meditations for free plus, now also out, a strong November balancing meditation.

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