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What's up week 47

We are heading toward a busy and upbeat week that takes you out of the doldrums, clears out the cobwebs and sharpens your mind.

This is a week where we move forward in a good pace, with a lot of light, love and hope. With some new beginnings hanging about, some completely new doors opening up, pushing us to go in.

You may debate whether to move forward or not, whether to use the new key or not, or which door to take. It can make you feel a bit confused if you try and follow old roads. Best solution is to go with your body and heart.

Shut off your mind and see what feels genuinely good within. What option gives you a feeling of wholeness and peace. That is the right one.

The week might bring some news or invitations worth celebrating. Remember to be grateful for what is now gifted to you and you will get more of it. Embrace the joyful moments as a drop in the ocean, of all there is yet to come. Tell those around you how much they mean to you. Spend time with family and friends that are dear to you.

Tuesday 21/11 the Sun moves to Sagittarius and shifts the general focus in to a need of connection with something bigger and better and if possible located far from home.

We now naturally feel more confident and optimistic about the big picture. We may also tend toward exaggeration and overdoing.

Wednesday marks the end of Neptune’s retrograde and it’s going to be easier than ever to believe that if you wish upon that certain start, your dreams really will come true.

Make your wishes and remember to notice as they arrive and also give your thanks.

Saturday puts us in the cutting edge of thinking outside the box. With this kind of attitude, a good surprise or unusual revelation could be around the corner.

Affirmation for the week – I allow my light to shine my way.

If you are feeling stuck in transition with this new heart energy I’m here to help. Check out for different packages.

If you want to balance the energies of the week, you’ll find this week’s lunch mediation at my Meditation Bar in my app “Maria Rinné Energy”.

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