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What's up week 48

For some of you this might be a bumpy week in the way that you will experience both ups and downs and maybe some holiday tensions and anxiety. These bumps will show up when you deviate from your pure essence.

You might say it’s a preview for the years to come, if we are not following our path, our inner light, then we’ll experience miscommunications, misunderstandings and a general bumpy road. However, if you do follow your gut feeling, your inner voice, your heart, then this week will show you true magic. Doors opening, things aligning and bringing forth your strength, warmth, connection in a whole lot of areas that you didn’t knew existed.

Protect the fruits of your labours and prepare for possible challenges that lie ahead.

As your hard work pays off and you have more and more to show for your efforts, it becomes important to look after the fruits of your labours. You can do this by asking for protection from negative people and energies from your guides. Also remember to protect and look after Mother Earth, her wildlife, oceans and nature.

Tuesday, you might feel overwhelmed and anxiety about how you can’t possibly get everything done. It’s a short-lived aspect, but it’s going to be back again next week, so your best bet is to try stress reducing techniques like eating healthy and getting enough sleep.

Things look a lot brighter on Wednesday and this day will propel you right into the holiday spirit. There’s more incoming fuel for that fire on Friday that will last from now until Christmas.

Later on Friday sudden conflicts can flare up that can spiral out of control at home or abroad. It can also coincide with accidents, so this weekend is a time to use caution, especially when driving.

On Saturday, keep your eyes on your wallet and stay within realistic budgets.

Sunday can spell a foggy day when personal items go missing and appointments are spaced out. The best antidote is to go slowly and make a concentrated effort to finish one thing before you start on the next item on your list.

The week also ends with a Gemini Full Moon and Mercury that goes retrograde.

The Full Moon is asking us to close doors, say our heartfelt goodbye’s and not look back. To finish up our projects where they need to be finished and close the books to open a blank new space in a few days to come.

Reflect on where you are, how it’s gone and where you want to go. Reflect on your path and what you are sending out into the world. Would you like to meet yourself or is there something you would like to change, to close the book upon and start a new chapter.

Affirmation of the week – I choose the doors that are open!

Keeping it light!


P.s. Check out last Sundays “Meditation Jam” podcast where we get to re-charge our body and energy to align with the current heart energy. You find MEDITATION JAM at soundcloud, Stitcher, Podcaster and itunes.

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