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Month of December

We are moving into a month with light, love, warmth and many connections.

A cosy month that is showing us our bigger plan and wider view of the year to come.

It’s a good aide for you to sum up your year - the good parts, the bad parts.

How would YOU like to change 2018?

What would you like to see happen?

Map it out, without too many details.

Is there a specific way you would like to feel throughout the coming year?

We know that the year we leave behind us has been a rocky one for many of you. We know that it is going to be a smoother sailing when you apply the tools you have been given though out this year.

There is no going back, there is no way to see it as "we use to do". It is new ways coming up.

In December this is starting to come forth, you are starting to sense your changed thoughts patterns, changed reactions and actions. It's all coming from a new platform within.

One where you are in balance.

One where you are strong. Even if you don’t know how it came about.

If you try or fall back to old habits, old ways, due to not knowing or trusting what’s happening, then that will be a struggle. Try and go with the flow throughout the month as much as possible. Try and use your mind only for practical matters and make the decisions out of your body wisdom.

Do it out of joy, not out of obligations.

Do it out of love, not force.

See where it takes you.

The month is starting up energetic and light and we are slowing down a bit towards the holidays, spreading our energetic connections and taking the time to be thankful.

To be appreciative and to see all the good we have in life. Sometimes we may not see the good parts. Sometimes everything seems upside down. But we are telling you there is always something positive. If you look you will find it.

Everyday, all around.

If you would like to balance your energy for this month, you have this months energy balancing meditation in my Meditation Bar.

In this month’s balancing meditation, we align with a light, beautiful, calm and peaceful energy.

We let our own energetic body expand to the right size for us align with its qualities in a balanced manner and prepare our energy and mind.

It’s an energy that helps us clear our path, balance our way and light up our journey ahead.

The energy is a circle of the future, present and history

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