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What's up week 2

This is a week where things are moving. We are picking up our pace after the holidays and it is a good time to assess what your day really looks like.

See if is this how you like the year to continue and be or is there a change that needs to happen.

Look at your life. If you’re stuck in routines that are not working for you, then this is a time to change and break whatever habit it is that you don’t like, want and need.

Break out of your old moulds and create a new. You have the planets and energy assisting you and you don’t have to do it by yourself, ask for helps from your surrounding or you guide. Create by putting your intention, your vision and your energy into what it is you would like instead of what you don’t like. Look at the big picture, leave out the details and let it flow organically.

There might be opposing goals arising from differing opinions. There may be people in it who are competitive or confrontational and won’t see your vision. Dealing with them is sometimes unavoidable. In those situations, interact in ways that minimize the drama and maximize coming up with solutions. Keep the energy light, optimistic and with that wide view of your new goals.

At the end of the week it’s like a fire blooming up, fire of emotions, fire of happenings. Life can be challenging and when it is, it’s good to be clear about what does and does not matter. Set aside small items that won’t advance your goal, or delegate them to someone who isn’t bothered by detail work.

Lay low, keep breathing and keep your focus, this is an opportunity to grow.

Affirmation of the week – Together we are strong.

Keeping it light!


p.s. if you like to balance the energy of the week, you find this week’s meditation "Lunch Time Chill" at the bar.

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