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What's up week 4

We are moving along with this flow of heart energy and it’s changing possibilities.

This week your feelings may move in like small waves that are coming and going by the shore. It can leave you a bit confused about what you really think, because one moment you think this and the next something else. Both times with conviction. We say don’t worry, you will find your point of view, your centre, in the end. Let your thoughts come and go. Don’t make any major decisions but follow see where the tide of emotions takes you.

Each time a wave of feelings comes up it brings a lot of things to the surface. Then when it detracts, the things that are left will be where your view are at that point. So please don’t worry if you are feeling all over the place this week. You will find your centre, your core.

You can help yourself by being out in nature and setting your intention of staying grounded and balanced.

From the middle of the week the emotional weather is getting tougher and you could get information that’s difficult to hear or have to tell someone something difficult. Remember to speak your truth with kindness and also remember to focus on the message, not the messenger.

Try and stay out of it and reacting to drama without thinking. People may be upset, angry, dramatic around you. Keep your ground, keep your space and continue to focus on your day. Don’t get caught up in others stories unless its directly influencing you. Then make your stand what ever that might be at that precis moment, clearly and kind.

Be open to change your view, because again we are moving backwards and forward this week until we reach our core and objective thought. Don’t get stuck in having to be right, be prepared to change.

Affirmation for the week; I focus on the positive and deal with the negative.

Keeping it light for deeper possibilities!


p.s if you like to balance the energies of this week, check out Lunch Time Chill meditation at the Meditation Bar. In this weeks meditation we align with the strength and stability of a mountain.

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