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What's up week 5

It’s a strong week. It’s a week where we can step into our own power. Where we can stand in our light, strength, creativity and quirks without hesitation.

It’s a week to take place, not shying away but moving forward. It’s a week to let your inner greatness come forth no matter how scary or confusing it might be.

Let your light shine through. Don’t be discarded if others don’t understand you yet. Follow your line, follow your intention. Speak from your heart, act from your heart and again claim your space. Not in the sense that we are reducing anyone else, on the contrary by you holding your space you allow others to hold there’s. So, it’s not about winning, it’s not about being better or worse, it’s about being you. Stop hiding, stop diminishing and stop shying away from who you are.

It’s a work in progress and this week we take a step forward, stepping into our spotlight. Our own spotlight.

We have a beautiful Leo Full Moon that is also a Blue Moon (second Full Moon of the month) a Super moon (Close to Earth) and a total Lunar eclipse on Wednesday. This day can make our emotional levels be off the charts. It will generate an energy that affects both the inner and outer environment. Use this day to keep actions low key, turn inward, eat lightly, sleep a little more than usual. Still shining our own light, being in our spotlight but keeping out of drama and taking care of ourselfs. It’s not a time to schedule important activities.

On this strong energetic day - Wednesday, we are taking another step through a portal that is opening up this week. Taking another step into our true essence. We all have a choice and there will be more opportunities if you are not quite ready.

If you are, this is a good week to move forward. Even if it is scary, even if its confusing and even if you don’t know how.

Just let that inner flashlight shine your way. Move on instinct and let the energy flow. Put your intention to let it come forth, each morning and let your guides and your energy know that you are ready.

After Wednesday we have about two weeks where our communication will speed up and the ability to think outside the box.

The week ends on a harmonious note that adds interest and charm to any situation, it’s time for celebration. It is a joyful, light spirit weekend where you can relax, go out in nature. Actively search for the beauty around you and within you.

Affirmation for the week is: I am open to lifes beauty.

In this weeks balancing meditation we bring forth our own inner light and expand it both in size and intensity. You’ll find it in the Meditation Bar – Lunch Time Chill.

Keeping it light!


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