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What's up week 6

It is a bit of a calmer week. A week to regroup, to take a deep breath and let your body and mind align and relax.

A week to check-in if you are on your path. Is your beginning of the year aligning with your inner voice and wishes? Maybe something has shifted since last Full Moon and you want to make some adjustments? Sometimes we just keep going without checking in and this week is a good opportunity for just that, checking-in!

The sun is coming in to our sphere in a beautiful manner, strengthening us inside and out. Bringing growth and creation.

Look out for situations this week, that no longer works for you. It is no one’s fault, it is not something that is wrong. It is an energetic shift where its time to make the choices to move away, move together, start/finish whatever it might be. Together with the sun you have the strength of either.

Believe in yourself and your abilities and believe in wonderful people that want to help you on your way and carefully contemplate your next steps.

It’s great to be passionate about a plan and you will not have to wait too long before acting, once you have your core intention and will in place.

On Wednesday there’s a one-day Sun / Moon struggle going on, between what we think we want and what we need to let go of. See if you can try and maintain a balance between work and home life so that you get those moments to breath deep and go within for the answers.

Then on Saturday you might argue with yourself about what you think you should be doing and all the reasons why you can’t do it. Keep your determination to succeed and again believe in yourself!

Also, on Saturday, Venus moves into Pisces and “Love conquers all” becomes the word on the street for the next four weeks.

Affirmation of the week: My choices are grounded from within.

In this week’s energy meditation, we connect with the strength of the Sun, for energy and creational vibrations. If you listen to my pod about the energies for February, you know it’s theme for the month and we started off already this first week by connecting in a beautiful way. You’ll find it at - Lunch time chill.

Keeping it light!


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