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What's up week 7

We are picking up the pace, yet again, taking another step forward and moving into an easier flow. Moving into abundance and gratitude. Moving into a connection that is unprecedented, that is beautiful and mind changing. It will come slowly, in small steps, where we transform the platform of our life, how we view our day and our way. How we act and react, all from a new set point. Be assertive when it comes to what you know in your heart is right and things will go your way.

We can then create abundance with an ability to safeguard prosperity.

Thursday, it’s an Aquarius New Moon and a Partial Solar Eclipse (the moon comes between the Sun and Earth but not perfectly aligned, so the Moon partially covers) the Sun.

The solar eclipse generates an amount of intense energy and it’s not a good time to make important decisions. This day we also have yet another energetic portal to walk through.

Let the New Moon teach you, show you and gently push you into your rightful place, shape and form. Your pure energetic vibration.

Release, let go and follow. If you do it’s a smooth sailing. Trying to control, stop or resist and there is a bit more to work to be done.

On Friday it’s a Lunar New Year and according to Chines astrology we enter the year of the Earth Dog, a trustworthy animal and stable element. Just the thing to bring some calm into our lives.

Saturday there’s a challenging happening in the sky that can bring low energy and a time when we may fall into superstition, deceit, lies and even scandals. Try and stay away from all, this, flow under the radar and watch your back.

Communication are going to be tricky for the next few weeks. Vague, fuzzy and people may not say what they mean or mean what they say. However, operating from your heart makes you clearer and heightens your perception to get to the core of situations.

The week start passionate and fiery and it ends on a peaceful and soft note. Like a content blissful state.

Affirmation for the week – Today I'm grateful for/to…. (fill in the blanks).

Keeping it light!


p.s. I talk a lot about getting in touch with our heart energy and one way to silence ourselves is through meditation. If you are new to meditation and would like to get some more information about different ways to go about it, in order to find what works best for you, check out me free webinar “Going from stressed out to blissed out”

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