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What's up week 8

It is an energetic calmer week. No major sign or direction changes and only one challenging aspect of this week’s agenda. A good week to take a breather, recharge, do some research and maybe even learn something new. It may be time to get back to school or train in the skills you seek for you to work with what represents who you are, today.

We get a lot of help from the Sun this week. Its energy is here for you to refill your whole system. Connect with the sun each day even if you can’t see it. Put your intention to connect and you may even ask for it to bring you some extra energy, light, love and strength. The sun is here guiding you on your way the whole week.

Seeing that we had a New Moon last week, when it’s time to start up new things, and this is an energetically calm week, why not look up the evening class or course. Enrol in something that will enhance you goal. Remember that you are the creator of you dream. Hold your vision, your thought and keep your peace so you may see the road.

On Wednesday we have a conjuncture that can produce several different positive scenarios, such as a romantic evening, an artistic or spiritual creation or it could bring up an unpleasant reality that sends you down the rabbit hole. If it does, again, this week the sun will bring you joy, so remember to connect and take in all its loving energy.

The weekend comes with a bit of a mixed bag. Sunday has a dreamy feel to it but also situations where miscommunication is close. Leave decisions about love or money to rest on Sunday and hold off until next week.

In the meantime, let, let the peace and calm of the Sun-Moon trine wash away the temporary disharmony.

If you like to calm and balance your mind, last week’s podcast “Meditation Jam” (available at Podcaster, Stitcher, iTunes and Soundcloud) was just about that. A meditation to calm our energy.

Affirmation of the week – As I calm my mind I feel my guiding emotions.

Check out this week’s energy balancing meditation "Lunch Time Chill" at the Meditation Bar.

Keeping it light!


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