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March Energy

Welcome to the month of March!

What a beautiful, powerful and strong month this is. This is the time when we have taken our space, we have taken our presence into our hearts and minds and we are now letting it be shown, to the world.

It is a month for self-blooming. It’s time to step out of our winter hidings and meet the sun, greet the sun and take our space. Move into our own energy in the way that is the pure, from our heart with abundant love.

An absolutely beautiful month to shine and make yourself heard.

Put your foot down into the ground and make yourself heard from the heart, together with love.

There are two full moons this month, the first one second of March, then one at the end of the month. The first one comes with a closure from the old world, the old dimension. Bringing us into this new light energy.

We still all have a choice, which energy we like to vibe with. Are you going for the lighter, loving, beautiful maybe a bit scary and unknowing path or are you choosing one out of habit? Out of maybe even laziness or surroundings?

If the later one, then your body will let you know if you are on the wrong path until you’ve switched. Our bodies are becoming more of our compass and guide and all we have to do is listen, take notice and change. That is not always easy, but for the main part it is small changes, small steps, that has to do with how we regard ourselves, how we love ourselves or not and what we want for ourselves in the future.

Please follow your instincts and your body and this is a beautiful strong month with warrior like energy that is burning any negativity in front of its path. Cutting away the darkness into the light.

Please enjoy and keep it light!


You’ll find this months balancing energy meditation at the Meditation Bar. This month we get a tool to recognize the lighter way in our life, for quicker, grounded decisions.

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