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What's up week 10

Beauty all around! We have a beautiful week when/if we focus on beauty. We have a harsh week when/if we focus on harshness or negativity.

Every day we are now stepping more and more into the instant effect of our choices made from our intentions and focus.

In other words, we are speeding up the creation proses. So, please be aware where you put your focus not only this week, but for sure this week.

The week is also energetically calm in the way that we are moving our focus inwards. We’ve been expanding our energy and now we are expanding it inwards. We are doing this in the sense that we are coming to terms of our selves within the new heart energy. We get help with this, with Jupiter turning retrograde on Thursday for the next four months, bringing forth a time to tune in and listen to the voice or our inner guru.

Observe your reactions, your thoughts and observe what happens when you steer them one way or the other.

What happens when you follow your instincts? What happens if you try to control or just follow old habits?

What’s the outcome and more importantly, what would you like it to be?

It’s a bit like learning to walk but we are learning to flow and consciously create with and in this beautiful energy that is here for us, right now.

Remember you can never know too much. Be optimistic and happy to learn all there is to learn about yourself. The books that were closed before about you are now open.

This is also a week of changes with some unusual benefits to be had. Communication speeds up and becomes more direct and forceful.

Social relationships may also suffer a bit when Venus moves into a sign (Aries) that likes to push its weight around. This will also be influencing your love bubble over the next three weeks. Remember the beginning of this page, set your focus and intention before you do anything else.

On Sunday unusual and unexpected opportunities are here for you to do something different and break out of your comfort zone.

Affirmation for the week: With my third eye and heart wide open I see beyond the surface.

In this week’s balancing energy meditation, we cleanse our third eye and heart chakras for a clearer view of life. You find it at the Meditation Bar – Lunch Time Chill.

Keeping it light all week!


p.s need some more help to go through these times, check out

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