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What's up week 12

This week we have the first day of spring on Tuesday and some planetary challenges and changes mixing us up a bit.

It’s a good week to lay low, focus on your inner connection, on your vision and enjoy the beauty that is around you.

The week starts up with an even flow of generosity and good will. On Tuesday when we have the Spring Equinox the Sun moves into Aries and gives us a green light to growth and new beginnings for the next months to come. Considering we just had a New Moon last Saturday that also pushes the buttons for new beginnings, it’s a double Go.

Use this day when the night and day is in perfect balance to check out your personal balance sheet of where you are before starting anything new.

The same day (Tuesday) we have another planetary happening that can bring harsh communication.

On the note of communication, on Thursday Mercury goes retrograde and with Jupiter retrograde we are looking at both connecting to ourselves and communication with ourselves. So, let’s go inwards and get to the roots of who we are. Who that beautiful light is at the core, so that we may let it come forth.

We may also want to press the paus button a bit. Is this conflicted with the starting up spring and New Moon vibes, sure, but we press paus on the signing agreements and buying side of life. There is a big Go when it comes to getting in touch with our selves, with our direct communication, our new visions. Sum up where we are, what we could have done differently and then Go.

By the end of the week keep your focus, keep your balance and hold your vision. It starts with Friday that is a potential roadblock where we might be experiencing power struggles, boarding on obsessions. Then we have yet another happening in the Universe that can make this whole weekend challenging.

A tip for the week is to try and stay calm, carry on and focus on your own light and way. Allow your heart to be filled with childlike wonder and awe, picture what it is you desire (not resent) and then make your wish. Release the how to the Universe. Allow life to be playful and enjoy the simple things. Have fun and the weekend will go smoother.

Affirmation of the week: My words comes from love and acceptance.

As always you'll find a balancing meditation for this week at the Meditation Bar - Lunch Time Chill.

Keeping it light!


P.s. I am so happy to announce that an Energy Adventure to Wales is coming up in May. It’s been brewing for a while and now I’ve finally got the energetic “Go ahead”.

Details are lining up and the theme of the journey is

Joy & Beauty – Instant magical creation.

This time there will be the possibility to join on a distance as well as live. I will bring your name and intention for energetic transformation to the places I visit. I will also send meditations, updates, pictures during the journey and a summary after for those of you who wishes to receive the energy of this process and transformation.

Stay tuned for more information here on Facebook or at or send me an email with your adress.

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