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What's up week 18

I see this week like a flowing week, much like the waves rolling the ocean. Ups and downs depending on where you decide to stay in the flow.

But no matter where you are or how you are going about it you will be moving forward, like the currant. So, whether you are still and peaceful or active and dynamic you will be moving forward, choose whatever feels best for you at this moment.

We start with a Full Moon in Scorpio early Monday. It is asking us to look within, to go into our darkest corners and see what we think we need to hide. Then let the light shine in. Things are not always as they seem and a lot of times we are creating our own circumstances around situations, that are not necessary real. So, please shine a light on your darkest corners and see where it takes you and know that you are moving forward, no matter what.

The week is also a solid and strong week where we do well to be grounded, to be authentic. Skip the games, skip power struggles and stand in your centre.

Have patience and don’t worry! Take time to rest and plan your next steps. The best treasures of life often take a while to mature. Don’t stop believing just as the fruit ripens on the vine. Your plans may seem to be moving slowly but the pace is quicker than you realize. Be patient and remember even if we are still this week we are moving forward.

While you wait, now is a good time to ponder your progress so far. Note the improvements or adjustments to your process that you might make next time around.

Tuesday May 1 is home to Beltane, an ancient Celtic fertility festival that marks the halfway point between spring equinox and summer solstice in the Northern hemisphere. In the past this coincided with the rising of the Pleiades and was considered the best days of the year to plant the seeds of new undertakings and encourage growth. Beltane dew was thought to bring beauty and maintain youthfulness.

On Saturday, there’s a productive earth trine that echoes the same fertility rituals.

Affirmation of the week – I flow like the water and move with the current.

This weeks balancing meditation is the one I did at the Scorpio Full Moon where we light ourselves up. You’ll find it at YouTube

Keeping it light,


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