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What's up week 22

Welcome to a strong week where we get strength from the sun, the earth, the sky and the water, our elements.

This is a week to do some big dreaming and manifesting. We have a lucky Full Moon in Sagittarius on Tuesday, also known as the Flower Moon. To signify the flowers that bloom during this month and why not also our ideas and projects. It is an active and dynamic Full Moon making it a great time to finish projects, put the final touches on long-term ideas and bring relationships to their natural completion or blooming.

As your hard work pays off and you have more and more to show for your efforts, it also becomes important to look after the fruits of your labours. The energy out in the world can be intense. Every morning as you start your day, ask your guides to protect you from negative people and energies. You’re up to the task set before you.

Mercury sweetens the pot later that same day and for the next two weeks communications will have an easy, witty and flirty air about them, especially on Friday June 1.

The best approach to communications is to keep things light. Later that same day Venus has the emotional stage all to itself making it a stellar weekend for lovers and for creative and spiritual activities. The sun is shining even brighter and it’s a love that is going around the earth, spreading its wings, touching your heart and opening your mind.

Stay connected with yourself and the elements, stay open and balanced.

More good vibes on Sunday June 3, that creates a relaxed and easy-going day.

Affirmation of the week – I’m fearless in receiving love.

Keeping it light,


P.s In my last podcast “Meditation Jam” out on Sticher, iTunes, Podcaster and Soundcloud we connect to a beautiful creational energy that works from a platform of balance, joy and love.

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