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June energy

Welcome beloved to this energy read for the month of June.

Love, Joy and relaxation is the red thread throughout the month. Even though there might be a lot of things to get done before the holidays, you can already today step into a summer-chill-vibe. You can start to wind down any moment you get, after work, before work, at lunchtime. Start to get moving into that relaxed mode.

Your body needs it and your mind needs it. To take a few steps back, after this first path of the year. Sometimes it is good to just keep going and sometimes we need to step back, raise our sight. Look at what we have done, where we have arrived and refocus on our goal and maybe set a new one or continue with the same with a slight adjustment. This month is a good month to do that.

We keep going inwards to align with ourselves, align with our true essence and heart and the energy that is flowing. It is pushing us even further in towards ourselves so that we may establish a contact firmly in a beautiful way for a joyful life.

To do this again we need those quite times, where we just are. Soaking up the wind, the earth, the water the sun, becoming one with Mother Earth and Nature. Letting here energy move through us fully.

Thera are some love shifts going on this month when we are stepping towards a different kind of love. One that comes without boundaries, without judgement and without hidden layers. One that is so strong that it is no mistaken it for something else. This could be for a friend, a partner, work, a project or wherever there is a possibility to take in the essence of love even a meal, a day or life itself.

Open your heart for this truly expansive and amazing energy. See the magic happen. When we open our hearts, we are equally eager to give as to receive. Some of us may have difficulties in receiving and non in giving, or vice versa. Now is the time for a balance, to give and get equally and joyfully.

Have a beautiful relaxed month!

Keeping it light,


p.s. you find this months balancing energy meditation at the Meditation Bar.

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