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Keep it light

We are moving into a bit of an intense period with a Solar eclipse coming up and some planets going retrograde.

This is the information I got this morning that wanted to be shared:

The shift is here. We now start to move faster and more intense with you all. Those of you who are in the space to get going will find this a bit intense in a different way from those who are not in that space. The difference being that we can quicker detect when things move out of line of our soul and body, to correct and move back. Set our intention and be flexible with what ever comes up during this period. Release what need to go and keep your focus, body and mind light.

Eat well, sleep well and surround yourself with things your energy enjoys for example your favourite songs, sweater, food, people and the list go on with small things that lifts your energy. Make this a priority in the coming two weeks.

By keeping our mind light, we help the wider energy net and at the same time it gets you in a good starting position that is roaring to go after the month of July and already in a fortnight.

Love always,


#Transformation #Solareclipse

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