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I’ve been waking up the last couple of days with the image of me sitting on a merry go round, buckled up and going up the high slope just to soon start to swoosh down, in high speed. All with a mix of excitement and a bit of dread of not knowing what to come. It’s the two weeks that is now coming up that I believe is the cart going up the hill and then another two weeks until the 11 of August where it’s still with final adjustments before we will swoosh down and hopefully laughing in excitement of the ride. I’m buckled in and ready. Or as ready as anyone can be when it comes to working with energy and transformation.

Having Cancer as my sun sign and Aquarius as my moon sign and knowing the energies are strong as they are going through eclipse times I get a feeling that I might end up anywhere.

This time I also get that I should both document this for my sake as well as spread insights and movement publicly for all you soul warriors to connect and hopefully make some sense out of. Going through this together brings stability to the current energy when this is moving through Earth. It is helpful both in a personal level and for the overall energy.

So here we go and maybe you will recognise some of the energies going on right now and maybe some will be personal. I won’t tell you wish is wish but instead let you connect and recognize when something comes up that you can relate to. Please share your journey if you feel like it and if you have questions of what the …. Is going on, put them here.

Connection and working together in this is a strength!

So, this shift started already a few days ago for me, having the image I described above. I also got the information in my morning meditation to be sure to ground myself everyday with Mother Earth. Make sure we are connected, also with my mind. I need to actively set my intention every day to do so and stay connected. This is due to the energy shifts coming that is wobbling our energy to shift it and that can create both intense and unstable emotions for many.

The more of us that can be solid and grounded the better for the overall net and easier transition for all.

I’ve started going for a morning swim seeing that we have a warm weather in Sweden right now. Diving in I set my intention to both connect with Mother Earth and spread whatever my energy can, through the water. It’s a beautiful experience that I’m so thankful having the possibility to do.

This morning I also started with a meditation connecting to the Cancer New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse that was at it’s fullest around 4am in Sweden. The energy was lovely, and it was about coming home. Coming home within ourselves as well as on earth and the universe. Then we connected with Sun energy to give us strength to carry this and also to start to grow the seeds that was planted today of being home, fully home.

You’ll find the meditation at

Then I went on with my day with the difference that I had an awkward feeling in my body. One I didn’t recognize, again getting the image of going up the slope, being buckled in. What I’ve noticed a few times during the day is that I’ve been presented with emotions like someone is presenting a car in a car show. With the difference that if I didn’t stop it I would find myself in the car driving down I road I didn’t car for. At one point it was so obvious and laughable when I was making dinner and I started to feel annoyed with the mushrooms. Yes, that is right, and No I don’t do drugs or drink… It was so crazy that I had to laugh at it when I caught myself in the emotion. It was also a great lesson to really take notice of when sticky feelings come up that is not rooted in love or joy. The great part with it was that as soon as I turned this feeling down, for obvious reasons, it disappeared completely like a Friday salary.

My lesson of this first shift day – take notice of any emotion coming up and if you don’t like the car that is being presented to you, then don’t get in it and drive away. If you find yourself already in it, hit the brakes and get out! Basic awareness, so simple yet sometimes so difficult to remember with all the buzz in life.

Do you recognize any of this or if have anything you like to share, please do! Again, together is strength.

Love always,


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