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Going through the second day of eclipse season and it's been full blast on inner work/insights from start.

Today I’ve experienced a wobbly sticky energy. I started the day with a beautiful Kundalini Yoga class and even though I was unusually well rested, my body was trying to escape the movements and the breathing was a disaster from the moment we started till we were done. My body loves Yoga, so this was something out of the ordinary and I had to use raw willpower not to go deeper into or get stuck in this bypassing, sticky energy. What I found helpful every time I thought I couldn’t breath was to imagen a pillar of bright light covering my body and then I at least could breathe again, even if my body was still in crazy mode.

By the end of the class I felt I was so out of sync that it got funny and when you can laugh at something, then you know for sure its about to be released. I felt myself trying hard in the beginning and every time I got serious I would have a hard time breathing. Lesson learned to let go and keep it light! Especially in these intense days. Then when I discovered on my why home that I had put on my top on inside out, it gave that extra push to laugh at the morning.

The rest of the day I’ve had that same sticky energy coming and going. Keeping my lesson from the morning about keeping it light fresh in my mind, it has worked out to be a lovely day in the end. I had to remind myself about it now and then and I didn’t get everything done that I had thought I would. But I got other stuff done, that’s been dragging a bit, by going on impulse and acting when the impulses arrived.

Doing energy work for quite some time my experience is that it is the small changes we do that lasts, that is in fact the bigger changes in life. By readjusting what might seem like an insignificant thought, action or reaction can not only change the moment but our entire course and way of life.

Today I’m thankful that I was reminded so early on, even if the situation was anything but nice before my mind registered what my body was trying to show me. It reminded me of this new way of life with that is coming where we flow instead of struggle, where we move on trust and instinct instead of fixated control.

Still buckled up and excited to see what tomorrow brings,

Love always,


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