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Hi, How are you all doing?

I got a question from friend today when we were talking a bit about what is going on with the energies right now and she was a bit worried since she didn’t feel anything was happening with her right now.

Don’t worry if you have the same thought, we are all on different paths and have different sensibilities. My path is going through the energies straight on so that I can loop back and light up the way. I actively not only move through the energies as soon as I can but also keep track, notes and my senses open for what is happening. If you feel the same or nothing like me, it’s the way it should be. Trust that your energy is doing your work for you and be happy to go through it a bit smoother. When and if you feel something is going on you can check in to read more about what is happening but please don’t take see my experiences as a fixed rule of how you should feel throughout the day. I’m documenting what is happening so that if your energy is getting confused this can be one lighthouse of guidance (amongst many) today or further on.

Today I’ve met some angry, violent and confused energy. Not directed from or to me but in my surrounding. I was so happy that I’ve buckled up. I got to have a peaceful morning back at the Yoga class (breathing ok today) and then a cleansing morning swim grounding my body and mind firmly. I could then meet up the angry energy from a calm and stable platform and what a difference that made than if I also had been wobbling and fallen in to the drama of the situation.

This gave me two insights of the day, one the importance of taking care of our self from the moment we wake up in best possible way, so that we can be a lighthouse of balanced energy when there are big waves going on in the sea of emotions around us, without sinking our own ship.

Also hearing both parts stories that led up to the situation, I realised it had little to do with dislike or disrespect and more about expectations of the other. They both acted from a notion of being right and the other wrong (off course). Full judgment mode in how the other was supposed to think and react and when that didn’t happen, today it started a fight (teenaged boys).If we can release our judgmental thoughts of how others should think, feel, react and instead take responsibility for how we act, react and be strong and true in the feeling that that is enough, then I‘m sure we would have a much nicer day. Staying out of dramatic energy that is rocketing our own energy into a high pulse that triggers actions and feelings that is putts us in tilt mode. I am now talking about stuff during the day that really doesn’t affect us in any negative way other than wanting to win a situation or have everyone agreeing with our thoughts.

Keeping it light and balanced!

Love always,


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