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Today my energy focus has been in time and space. I had the experience of time being stretched and the day passed incredibly quick, especially the first half of the day.

Not in the normal sense of keeping busy and missing the clock, but as if someone suddenly stretched time and space after lunch and it was instantly afternoon.

Again, this was the same as the other day when I felt I was doing nothing and still got things done. I spaced out for about three hours and yet got everything done that was needed to.

It was like I wasn’t operating in the normal time zone.

Imagen you’re doing a routine in the same time frame every day and then one day it feels the same but time has moved three times quicker than normal.

I know that with this Heart Energy we are currently in, we are moving into a new way of working with and experiencing time. I’ve met it on my Energy Adventures, especially when I was in North West Ireland and the area around Donegal. There at some places time stood still while I was still moving forward.

At one time I was driving and checked the meter to see how far and I had driven several miles while the clock showed only a few minutes and it was a curvy small road, so I was for sure not speeding. In other places the opposite.

It was mind blowing and I still haven’t fully grasped this yet, just the knowledge that time is here for us to bend and stretch.

Energy isn’t linear, and neither is time or space. With that comes the thrilling thought of creating in all directions when we start to learn how to. It’s a brilliant design and there is nothing we need to force or try to concur. We can let the knowledge and know how come when we are ready. Let it expand our minds in the perfect pace for each and every one.

Until then witness, take notice of when it happens and play with it.

This eclipse season is showing so many beautiful details of the puzzle, like a book of life being read out loud. Some things you get straight away and some needs some space to grow in our minds.

Keeping it light,

Love always,


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