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Today we are one day from another planet going retro on us, Mercury. Apart from having the strangest computer hang-ups as a pre-view I’ve also had some unfamiliar energy moving back and forth through the day.

It’s been an energy that wasn’t all that pleasant, actually sticky and heavy. Every time I caught myself in it I snapped out of it by acknowledging the feeling as something I wasn’t up for, nor welcoming.

It had a quality of by-passing, looking for a carrier and it didn’t come from within. Knowing that these week’s it good to keep it light and loving, I appreciated my body telling me when something wasn’t aligning with that goal.

Sometimes though when heavier energy shows up it could be that its something we are working with and releasing in our own energy, and Mercury retrograde or any planet retro, are highlighting those things to work with. So, a tricky one to separate from those moments. However taking the time to listen to our body, the knowledge of the difference is there.

I think we all have enough in our way to work with, without adding some more by-passing energy.

Trusting and communicating from/with a solid body language is part of the heart energy in place.

It has also been a very slow day, like time and space has been standing still along with the air. The only thing moving quick where I’m at was the current in the water. Which is not bad at all seeing that the element of water is helping us activate our Heart chakra, to expand and accept what is coming.

I found it most welcoming to see it move fast and strong.

Today we are also getting closer to the second portal of the eclipse season and the moon is nearly full. If you haven’t already, why not use tomorrow to set your intentions of what to bring with you through this energetic doorway on Friday.

Let your mind go limitless, wild, strong and fast like the water while resting in a calm and timeless energy of your wise body.

Beautiful and strange days for sure!

Keeping it light,

Love always,


#Solareclipse #Mooneclipse

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