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Yepp, there it was, the energy of Mars, getting really close to Earth with its fire energy and Mercury retrograde, showing off. Together creating situations of old issues resurfacing in explosive unexpected settings.

This time though, being prepared of a bumpy road during this period, it was easier to notice the train of old baggage, as it hit the station of self.

Instead of sinking into old patterns we now have the opportunity to choose another way, re-do and re-act.

Cut the energetic bond of what ever it is that hasn’t left the building, together with Elvis…

Today I did this by saying NO to the old way and YES to the option, even if I have no clue what that is, only that I’m no longer onboard the old wagon.

I must say it felt great, once I realised what had happened.

I got help from my body/intuition and by silencing my mind long enough to stop the repetitive behaviour. Then actively take a step out of that old energy, no longer welcome.

The cool part was that I could almost feel how the cords snapped, leaving me feeling lighter, fresh and a bit exited to walk through tomorrows energetic portal without the old stones.

Did I solve the issues – No, not completely but I trust that by changing the energy around it, it will have a far better chance than before, if it would ever resurface again.

Tomorrow Mars moves even closer to Earth (as close as it can get) and we have a long Lunar Eclipse together with an Aquarius Full Moon creating an energetic portal.

If you have anything you would like to change, take the opportunity to reset your mind and try and hold that all through the day. Be observant when old stuff shows up and decide if you like to continue as before or try something new.

Again, you don’t have to know what, or how the new way looks. By stopping and setting your intention to start a new route, you are on your way.

Feel the love from Earth, Universe and all Light Workers holding the space and take the first step. That is plenty!

Keeping it light,

Love always


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