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Warm summer nights - whoever invented those must have been in a good mood!

It isn’t often we have these warm nights in Sweden. They may be long this season but not always warm so when we have both it adds a bit of extra magic.

Tonight, is one of those rememberable evenings when it’s possible to sit outside in the moonlight and write. It’s warm and windy, creating a perfect temperature.

I’ve just been on a night-swim with a friend, where we had a red moon hanging over our heads making it hard not to feel the magic of it all, and why try. To top it off the music-festival that was going on in the background in last night’s moon meditation is still pumping its tunes, making the night extra vibrant.

A good end to this day and I can’t help but to still have a party celebration feeling after going through last night’s energetic portal.

If you’ve missed it, I did a meditation tuning into the moon vibes and I was smiling all the way through from the energy we connected to. You’ll find it here:

As far as I can read this day, we’ve been given the opportunity to see the first part of the eclipse season completed. It’s has been rocky, pushing us to make decisions and choices (even if we haven’t acted on some yet) and welcoming some new thoughts and behaviours.

Now it’s time to pad our shoulder and celebrate where we’re at. To stop and smell the roses and start to enjoy what we have accomplished. Be appreciative, be in the present and let go of self-doubt and rush. You are where you are supposed to be!

If you like me have a streak within you to get things done quick, this is the time to practice the opposite. Instead of thinking what to do, think of how to feel. Instead of valuing yourself or others on how much gets done, stop and make sure that you are ok. See what’s around you and start to create more by being grateful, out loud or within.

Also, and this is important, make sure you enjoy what you are doing! This is a time to put your party pants on in whatever you do. Ease up on the seriousness and release some of that dry humour or silliness lurking around. Find your smile and show it often.

When we’re moving into all this new energy where we can create from a new platform that comes with joy and flow, we need to take notice of its arrival and start to use its essence.

Like the music here tonight, pump it up loud, wake the neighbours and let the essence of this energy move into our rhythm.

I believe this is one of the tasks up until next eclipse in August. To show our energy that we not only get that we are part of creating a new way of life, but are appreciative and willing tot try it out .

Keeping it light,

Love always


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