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Two months ago, I stopped eating meat. It had been in the air for some time and then I happened to watch a documentary…

I wasn’t a big meat eater but did enjoy a good steak. Now that thought doesn’t do anything for me. It was like the documentary told my mind what my body already knew. I can’t put a label on what I am yet since I’m not sure and it’s not about the label, right.

Now my mission is about energy, not food but their ways crosses since all is energy. Not that surprising that this change came just before the eclipse season started this summer, to help get into best possible vibration.

Throughout the years I’ve learned to trust my body when it speaks out about what it wants, or not, even if I sometimes don’t know why.

About 8 years ago I stopped drinking. It was not a planned decision. It just happened after I’d been on a month meditation journey in the outback’s of Australia.

Going home on the plane I ordered some wine to celebrate an amazing journey and couldn’t even have a sip. From that day anything with alcohol tastes like yeast.

As with meat I don’t have a label for what I am and I’m happy to be around others enjoying what they want. This is my choice or more my bodies choice and we all have different ways to go.

It hasn’t change my life more than I don’t’ wake up with hangover. The night can still be as late and fun but with some energy to spare the next morning.

Now that's all good but what we sometimes forget is our thoughts impact. We can be all active in training, eating and using the right products and so on and still walk around with damaging thoughts about ourselves, our possibilities, situations and days. Sure, that is harder to change but in no way impossible especially not in this time with an active heart energy in place.

Today I did a read for the month of August together with a balancing meditation and it was a beautiful energy that expanded our own energy, to be set free. No holding back, no limitations and strengthening our vibration to let us hear what we resonate with easier. Whether it be food, drinks, thoughts, work or whatever shows up in life.

It will be out in this week’s podcast on Sunday.

Remember to keep your in- and outputs light,

Love always,


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