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Okay, who stole this day? It was morning and then in a blink it’s night! My two godsons had the same comment at dinner, so we are wondering where time disappeared to today? We are not angry or anything, just curious who got hold of it…?

Joking aside it’s been one of those days where the perception of time checked out after breakfast, as if morning and night came after each other with nothing but a void in-between. Still got a lot of practical work done so the autopilot must have been on, while the system was downloading and packing the right tools and energy for what’s to come.

We are in an energetic space of having been through two portals during this summer, ready to shift into the third. We have our passports ready, waiting to board on Saturday. No wonder we can get stuck in a feeling of eventless transitioning. I believe it’s far from eventless though. Work is taking place behind the curtain, our light luggage is being loaded and the heavy bags stuck in custom.

During this the mind has no interest of interfering, instead it shuts down to minimum functioning level. Leaving a feeling of a day that went by in an instant. Brilliant work though and for me it resulted in a question popping up by the end of this day, without having been anywhere near this topic today.

What makes you happy? Like really happy? What would you like your life to look like in six months or six years.

Now, I’m sure many of us who are working with energy and the power of thought have asked this question many times. The difference this evening was that it came from a new place and searched for an answer that also originated from a new platform.

We can’t really expect to go through all this energy work and keep every thought and dream the same as when we started. It’s a work in progress and like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. When you fulfil one need you change your next step in the hierarchy.

These days before Saturday are good to dive into our own depths of happiness to figure out what gets it skyrocketing and what luggage do we need to lose or bring with us to reach that sky.

Bon voyage and what makes you happy?

Keeping it light,

Love Always


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