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I know there are some major energy being brought on right now when we passed through the Lions Gate yesterday and only two days away from the next partial Solar eclipse and New Moon, but these two days has been so energetically calm and still in my sphere. “Forcing” me into a wonderful relaxed vibe about life, future, history, myself and surroundings.

Not what I expected at all.

The summer has been so energetically intense, and my mind thought it would keep going all the way until the 11/8. Apparently not and actually it started to simmer down after last Full Moon.

Information I got this morning was to ease and flow with the energy in place. Let it do its stuff while we stay open and ready for what’s to come. Keeping a free heart and mind, while they are being merged, released of mind restrictions and roadblocks. To move with peace, love and balance and trust what’s going on. Sounds beautiful and lovely but not always easy when life knocks on the door.

Today I had a short moment where this was more of a command than request. I had to drop what I was working with to go outside and be totally still for about 30 minutes, no music no reading, no meditating, only being. At that moment everything else was quite and still as well (which is rare in summer times) and I could hear, feel and become the wind, the bee’s swooping around me, the birds flying above me and the surface I was staying on. It was literally like time stood still and reset for a new beginning, during this half hour.

As strong as I felt when it started when I had to be absolutely still, equally strong was the notion to start up again. When that happened, it was like opening my eyes anew. A beautiful sight where everything felt connected.

I’m sure there’s more to that moment and I will dive in to the energy of that later on.

So, major surprise about these last two days and I’d love to hear how it’s been for you?

Getting closer to loosen up these seasons buckles!

Keeping it light,

Love always,


#Solareclipse #Mooneclipse

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