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Yet another calm day, excluding the wind that has been storming outside. I got curios about yesterdays and todays calm, so I went digging a bit deeper into the energy and this is what I found.

Right now, our flow is in symbiosis with Mother Earth and all. Not only right now but now some of us are tuned in with it, thereby feeling the calm, strength and stillness throughout the day. We are able to walk with a peaceful mind without thinking about it or taking active steps to do so. The only thing to do when the day starts wobbling the other direction is to is let go of control, let you mind take a vacation and get back to follow the flow of the day.  No strings, no judgements and no expectations.

There are a lot of things happening behind the scenes though. Veils are being lifted all over and a new beginning awakening. No surprise there with a New Moon in Leo.  

The veils that are lifted allows us to sharpen our third eye vision, our inner sight and connection. With this there will be a lot of good changes happening in the coming six months. Changes where when we listen in we can’t accept anything but the light way in life. We get to understand and see the beauty around us and within from a new perspective that will change our course of path. It has already started and will keep on going through the last portal in this partial solar eclipse and New Moon tomorrow.

If you haven’t already during these last 29 days I highly recommend you to stop for a moment and feel the time and space where you are. Feel your hearts energy pumping up, getting this party started. Understand the magic of you and see yourself as the beautiful strong being you are, right here, right now. Free in mind and body with an expansive vibration that’s connected to all.

Trust yourself, what’s to come and your way.

29 days ago, I began writing that all light workers, soul warriors or anyone reading this have a task to keep the energy light and balanced through these days. For the shift to be as smooth as possible. Now we are at the last doorway, let’s move through it with joy, love and beauty in our mind body and soul and why not add excitement and curiosity for the next steps.

Almost unbuckled with my finger on the trigger to release the belt.

Keeping it light,

Love always,


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