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What's up week 44

When there is something that is out of reach, not going the way we had expected or taking longer time, we can become out of balance, try to force or push or even start to blame ourselves and our surrounding.

It’s now time to shift this reaction that originates from a low vibration. Just like the season is shifting this week, take the opportunity to shift your reaction.

Try to look for what it is that you are supposed to gain during this time in waiting, for the puzzle and end result to be as good as it can possibly get.

It could be that we need to learn or realise something or maybe someone we’re supposed to meet, some place we’re supposed to go to or just something that needs to happen to create the puzzle in your highest good.

Let that old habit go to make room for a new. Remember that things are as they should, relax, breath and raise your trust meter.

On Monday we get the opportunity and the grace needed to let bygones be bygones with some planetary help.

Information you receive can be a bit difficult to hear but you have the capacity to differs a truth from a lie, use it.

Then on Wednesday there’s a big shift in communications where your mental inbox starts to overflow with adventurous and expansive ideas. When the mind is busy looking at the big picture it can forget to analyse the details, which could lead to foolish decisions.

Stay curious still logical and remember to communicate clearly and out of love. Be gentle with yourself and be open to what’s around you. Search for the positive vibes.

Put your intention to receive good vibes only and the day may end in an unexpected way.

In many cultures end of October/beginning of November is a time to remember those we lost and loved through different celebrations. It’s also a time when we move from summer to winter in the northern hemisphere and vice versa in the southern hemisphere. A shift in nature and time.

Why not also a shift in you, going back to earlier text about letting bygones be bygones and start new.

Some call this time Halloween – or eve of All Saints' (or Hallows') Day. 'Hallow' is an old English word for saint. It’s a day when Christians remember and pray for the dead, especially family members. In many Latin countries beginning of November is called the Day of the Dead (Dia de Muertos) and tribute is paid to friends and family who've died.

Contemporary Halloween rituals are believed to have evolved from the Celtic festival, Samhain. Samhain marks the Celtic New Year, the beginning of what Pagans call the Wheel of the Year and they look upon this day to be one of the most magical times of the whole year.

A time of the year when the veil between the worlds of life and death was lifted and the spirits of the dead could mingle with the living. Loved ones who had recently died were remembered and their spirits often invited to join in the celebratory feast. For Pagans, death is part of the natural life cycle and not to be feared, just like natures shifts and turn a new leaf.

Celtics also believed our world and the world of Faerie blend as one this day. It is a night of wonder and magic. On this night the Cailleach (the Crone) comes to strip the leaves from the trees, to quicken the decay of the flesh of the year, so that it may feed the new life to come.

We can also ask Her to take the unwanted aspects of our personal year away, so that these too might be transformed.

With this in mind, Thursday provides an opportunity to release and heal old wounds. Be still, accept yourself, put your intention to let go and release. Rejoice in what we are letting go, for something new to take place, knowing that every step is part of a bigger picture.

By the end of the week it’s time for more celebration, this time for you to shine like a star in the night together with those you might have lost and with all those who are still with you.

Take time to celebrate your release of the old, celebrate your positive vibes, growing trust and that we are part of an ongoing cycle of life, love and creation.

Keeping it light,

Love Maria

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