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What's up week 45

We are going through a time where the energetic shifts are coming in quick, with changes every day. Moving us towards a flow in light, love, joy, beauty and abundance. Every day, every moment we have a choice to float with it or stick to old behaviours.

This week you can tell clearly when you are moving against the flow. It will be like banging your head against the wall and things won’t work easy. If you shift your perspective, shift your view and your thoughts and let go of your control, then you can be swept up in the flow again. Trust that there is a reason for everything that happens. Remove yourself from negative emotions of others that can take you astray.

It’s not about stepping out of control from life. It’s about changing our thoughts about what that is and how it is best applied for us. We still make choices, we still decide what to do and where to go. The shift is that we now decide from how it makes us feel inside and out, instead of how we think it should make us feel. We decide with our heart and instinct instead of our mind.

At times we might be confused and caught up in situations where it’s hard to see clearly. That is when we are trying to push something that is not working. We then need to take a step back, breath, let go and wait until we hear our body and heart eager to show us the way out.

Starting up the week Tuesday is a day where sensitivity is high and compassion for others is on the rise. It also highlights artistic and creative talents and spiritual beliefs. There is much serene beauty in life. However, that kind of tranquillity may be overlooked when focusing on that which frightens or worries you. Release negative situations and return to your own inner peace. Make sure your thoughts are thoroughly focused on optimistic outcomes. Envision the present and future that you want to manifest going through your heart and forget about the past. Brighter days are just around the corner.

Wednesday, we have an intense Scorpio New Moon and with that comes a brilliant time to get going. Take a deep breath. Start by looking deep within yourself, embracing your shadow and let go of what you no longer need. Let your body take you to the best path for you, transferring you towards the light.

Then on Thursday Jupiter makes a positive move when it enters Sagittarius, the sign of its highest dignity. Lucky Jupiter makes this return to home base every twelve years, and this double helping of happiness will last for the next twelve months, brining with it a sense of optimism, good will and generosity.

Friday has a lovely balance point for one-on-one relationships and at this weekend it’s time to relax, enjoy yourself, meet up with friends, family, yourself and just be.

Remember that your heart and body always got what’s best for your because it functions not from fear, outside opinions, old habits or society but from universal love, connection and your highest light.

Keeping it light!


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