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What's up week 46

This weekend we had a lovely energy portal open on the 11.11 and it moved us into a new space where loving thoughts is grounded in our body.

A space where an energy of love moves through us in a profound way. Easy to pick up, easy to follow when staying open, willing and maybe a bit curious.

Simply put its time to fall in love with love, life and ourselves.

The portals heart energy is grounded within us and earth, so we won’t be swept away in its high vibrations. Instead it brings us into our correct position for our next steps that we are about to take during 2019.

You may even see/feel yourself being positioned, tweaked and turned for your path with your highest light. Maybe start to visualise your next move from this position. Without controlling, without forcing just following the energy when it arrives and take the steps in your own direction. No more walking in your surroundings direction This is your own magic way forward and when coming from love it is steps that are filled with joy, beauty and excitement.

Going through this week be loving towards yourself, fall in love with yourself, take care of yourself, think good thoughts about yourself, accept yourself!

We will get energetic help from Mars moving into Pieces to get some extra strength in our spiritual and creative drive on Thursday. A good time to allow any love for beauty and art to blossom and stay open. Remember that art takes us on a highway to our inner light. It opens our senses and connects us deeply without logic or brain power.

On Friday Venus ends its retrograde period and turns direct. Venus being the planet of love, no wonder it’s time to add a lot of honey love to ourselves and then by default it spreads out into the world.

Later that same day Mercury turns retrograde for three weeks. A beautiful opportunity to take a time-out and reassess what isn’t working our life and work. Look at the choices and decisions we’ve made over the last few months, reset our course if needed and make amends.

Remember you are being put into your perfect position.

At the end of the week you can lay low, relax and chill. Listen to your heart beat, listen to the wind, feel your breath or count the raindrops. Do anything that has a purpose of doing nothing. Release expectations and judgements. Experience the beauty of being you, right here, right now. Experience the beauty of nature reflecting your own inner being and relax.

Keeping it light and loving all week!


p.s You’ll find my meditation from this Sunday’s portal at my pod “Meditation Jam with Maria Rinné” on Podcaster, Stitcher, Itunes, Soundcloud and more.

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