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What's up week 47

We are embarking on a beautiful journey, together. Moving one step at a time. Sometimes that step feels like it takes eons and sometimes it goes so quick that we nearly miss it. Whether it feels slow or quick we are always moving forward. Further and further into and aligned with this beautiful Heart Energy that is in place for us to incorporate in our life.

This week we keep on moving, in our own pace, confident that every thought, every action, reaction can either be re-thought, re-done or re-enforced and enhanced. Confident that the vibration comes from love and universal connection.

During the week there is a flare of abundance moving into our mind and our day. It is about an abundant life in things that matters. It is not about abundance in material surrounding, but what truly overflows our positive emotions in any direction.

It all begins on Monday when we may have a tendency to overestimate our abilities or do too much. Keep on walking, a day at a time, focusing on the now and you'll be fine. Know your goal and keep your body in the moment. Be assertive when it comes to what you know is right.

From Tuesday our vision are widened and opened to a more adventurous life. Maybe we finally book that journey we’ve longed for, or do our bit to help the earth, our neighbours and so on. We’ll be looking from our heart and with that new entrepreneurial endeavours can show up with a spark of lovely charisma.

By the end of the week we have a Gemini Full Moon that is helping us with completion. Finishing projects and maybe closing some books, before next chapters. This full moon can also lead to some spirited conversations. Remember to keep things on the light side.

Let yourself flow with the vibrations of the week or if you like the energies by staying balanced in best possible way. If you are stressed, take a few minutes each day to just breath, be still and maybe listen to your favourite music or the soothing sounds of nature. You need you-time to hear yourself when taking that next step and the next. Rember the vibe of abundance during the week, why not giving yourself some a big chunk of quite time.

Mark Sunday in your consciousness since this day for many will be one of the luckiest days of the year. The air will have a general sense of well-being, happiness and optimism that creates a notion that things will turn out right. Let yourself flow with this feeling and allow plenty of good vibrations into your life without trying to hold on or control. The keyword on Sunday is expansion and the watchword is greed.

Keeping it light,


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