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What's up week 49

We are heading towards darker times in the northern hemisphere together with the season of winter. Like Mother Earth light up the land with snow, we start to turn on lights in all forms and shapes inside and outside.

When it is dark, we turn on the light and get a feeling of a warm and safe space. We now have an opportunity to also practise turning on our inner light. The light we all carry with us, to get a feeling of warmth and security about ourselves.

In a room we turn on a light-switch. With our inner light the switch is our intention.

Make sure you turn it on when you wake up, every day. You not only light up your own space but a space for those around you.

Wednesday is a good day to rest, sleep and dream. Dream about what brings you joy and fulfilment and remember to go big and bold. If your stressed, take a break to breath and dream even if only for a moment. It will make a difference.

On Thursday communications return to normal and becomes easier again when Mercury goes direct.

We are at the end of the year and the time to finish loose ends started with the last Full Moon. On Friday a Sagittarius New Moon helps us dig deeper in our new visions, dreams and goals for 2019 and the years after.

This New Moon bring us not only joy, smiles and festivity but it also serves up a big helping of faith, hope, and optimism.

This makes Friday the best time of the year to use Sagittarius archers’ gold-tipped arrows to shoot for something new.

Remember your dreams from Wednesday and see what steps you can start to take. Use the moment and help from the New Moon to kick-start your goals.

Do your research for steps to make things happen. Is it further education, going after a scholarship or asking for that promotion at work?

Friday is a great time to start the ball going and switch the dream to reality.

Later that same day we get some additional energy to pursue our artistic and spiritual dreams and release our magnetism, adding some extra sparkle to our goals.

How about those plans that’s been cooking and visions that’s been expanded – are you ready to put them into action.

Exciting time and remember to keep it light!


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