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What's up week 50

Things are moving in a steady pace, towards the new year, towards the next portal. This week is a good week to take a break from all the madness and take a step back. Sort out your thoughts, what is real and what is imagined. What is actually happening and what is your belief of what is happening. Is there something or someone that has giving you a false picture, idea. Put on your clear glasses this week and look from another perspective.

Trust yourself when moving forward. Your intuition will guide you to your answer. You may be torn between what you know is right and for you and what someone else wants you to do/think/feel. See your own needs and compromise with others. Ask for a sign if you lack clarity and let go of past concerns. We are here and now. The Heart Energy is pulsating stronger into our life’s, changing and rearranging our thoughts, feelings. It’s all in our highest good and it’s all as it should.

On Wednesday you might want to think twice about your holiday spending. That’s because your mental inbox will start to get so expansive and adventurous that you might forget about your budget.

At the middle of the week we also get an extra space to breathe. Try to be in nature and reload for the second half of the week where we start to speed things up. Use the first half to take care of yourself, your body, your intuition. Fully confident that it’s ok to do nothing other than breath and relax, for shorter or longer moments, as much as you prefer or have the possibility to do.

Use your imagination each morning and set the feeling of the day. How would you like to feel when you go back to bed, without adding details, go with the feeling and the mood you would like to be in, especially on Saturday to keep the holiday spirit.

Keeping it light!

Maria Rinné

P.s have you started you passion list for 2019 – what are you hoping for, going for and how do you want to feel throughout the year?

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