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What's up week 3

Stay calm, stay safe, stay grounded and let yourself be heard and believe in yourself. Any idea that you are trapped by your situation is a false one. Don’t let your ego convince you that you’re without power.

You have what it takes to move out of any situation you don’t like. Believe in yourself and don’t be afraid of your own inner strength. If, you find it difficult, ask your guides and your inner light for help and take responsibility for your life now.

This week the energies are moving into phase two in the eclipse portal. What’s been rearranged in our energy the past few days is now starting to show up, to take place in our life’s. It is up to us whether we accept or not, whether we want things to change or not, small or big. Advice is to stay open in your mind, listen to your body and keep calm.

At mid-week it’s like an energetic wind sweeping away pieces of our energy that is no longer needed. You can help it along by accepting that there is a new you breaking through. Put your intention to allowing this to happen. It is not about things falling away from your life as such, it is about your energy transforming for you to move quicker and easier within this energy that is in place. To loosen the breaks that’s been keeping you and holding you back.

Love, drama and romance are lighting up this week’s sky with a very special Full Moon at the end of the week.

Venus and Mars start things off when they fall in love on Friday and give us a green light to start a new relationship or find ways to spice up an old on. Come Friday it’s party time, be social and share your love with friends, family or be extra loving to yourself and have a good time.

On Sunday surprises and restlessness can be felt when perspective swing from genius to alien. This is the night of the Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse, also known as the Wolf moon. Its message is that it’s time to use our unconscious to bring personal projects and events to conclusion with a big bang.

Again, believe in yourself and allow changes to occur. Allow yourself to enjoy your own company and be heard whether you are by yourself or in a “flock”. Trust yourself and allow parts of you that you do not yet understand or know to come to surface maybe even with a howl.

The first three Full Moons this year are Supermoons at zero degrees of their respective sign of the zodiac, an unusual coincidence that indicates something new is coming our way. Buckle up, prepare for good things to come in to your life and celebrate it with a Ahhooouuwwwww!

Keeping it light,


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