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What's up week 4

We start the week with a lovely energy from the Total Lunar Eclipse Blood Wolf Super Full Moon in Leo that made its presence in the sky Sunday/Monday.

An energy that grounds us from within together with Mother Earth and the Universe. An energy that expand our place on earth.

In the coming weeks we are, if we allow it, becoming more assertive and more sure of our choices. Who we are, where we want to go, where we want to be and who we want to be. When we keep this door open it is a beautiful tool helping us steer our life without limitations and we become fearless through the vibration of love.

On Monday things can start to heat up, when we have a stop-and-go energy. One energy pushing us and another holding us back. One of the best ways to counter the influence is by doing some physical activities, go for a walk or a run or anything that moves your body.

Daily life can be full of hectic activities. We can grow distracted and not notice opportunities that are being offered to us. We may become so focused on what we don’t have that we completely discount the gifts that we have been given. Let this energy we are currently in help you listen and help you hear where it wants to take you.

Tuesday the planet Venus pushes the level on love and finances to high.

At the middle of the week we step up the pace and might become eager to get started together with the moons expanded energy.

We get excited to do those things that’s been lurking in the back of our mind to come forth. Things we know will make us happy and make us move with the flow, working out of joy and fulfillment, without expectations or control, just for the love of it.

Mercury is on the go on Thursday and during the next three weeks negotiations will be more difficult than usual and harder to change someone’s mind. On the other hand it is also a time when information can be transmitted intuitively if you’re tuned to the right channel. It is great to spend time in nature-to take time to quite your mind and heart. When doing so you can ask your guides for messages about what opportunities are around you that you may not be seeing.

By the weekend it's smooth sailing and on Friday we get an optimistic shot of confidence that helps us find a way out.

So, by the end of the week we can relax and breath, knowing that we are on this wave of expanded energy of inner knowledge of our true self.

How welcome isn’t that!

Keeping it light,


p.s if you like to connect with an energy that expands your true inner light and wisdom, check out my meditation from the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse happening at Youtube

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