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What's up week 5

It’s a bit of sticky week with emotions running up and down, high and low. You may feel like things are not going your way or you are being attacked or feeling low in regards of your self-esteem.

Take a deep breath, take a step to the side to see that the picture is nothing like what you are painting it to be and positive changes are on their way.

Maybe it’s our own fears coming to surface, maybe it’s our own projections creating a situation and maybe it’s just that we haven’t opened fully for the truly amazing being that we are.

When we do that, when we understand our worth, there is no need to argue over things that doesn’t really matter. There is no desire to win for the sake of winning.

Plot a course for the future and leave your minds troubles behind. Allow past frustration to disappear or neutralise and embrace a new dawn together with your Heart, by intention. We are travelling into a land of our own strength and peaceful emotions. To do this we need to face our problems so that they no longer rock our boat.

If you’re not there yet, ask your energy and your guides to help you show you your light through out the week. Remember to breath, relax and look at the bigger picture.

Especially on Friday when there might be some confrontations or problems ignited by power struggles and anger issues. The key to handle it is to stay cool, take a breath and resist the urge to inflict revenge. Instead let Karma do its work. Then you can stay focused on what matters and your own objectives.

When we are comfortable with who we are, we meet the world from a different and positive setpoint.

There is also positive news, since there is fun energy moving in. Energy in the vibration that gets us excited about something like a project or something you’ve been working with or want to start to work with.

We not only get excited, but we also have the energy to act on our ideas and intuition.

On Thursday we have a good opportunity to unite the material world with spiritual world. Focus on your inner light and intuition and listen. Keep pen and paper close by.

Things light up on Saturday when we can look forward to some excitement involving love or money. This is a creative and social opportunity and it makes for a great weekend for networking and new friendships.

In the coming month it’s time to get to the basic facts with our relationships, finances and whatever else we value. What’s the core in these areas that puts a smile on our face?

Achievement through structure and tradition will not be the key to success this month. Instead try joy, flow whilst keeping strong ethics, dedication and commitment and you’ll soon conquered that mountain top.

Keeping it light!


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