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What's up week 6

This week it’s like we are moving on an open calm sea in our sailboat. It might look like we are relaxing and hardly doing anything. When we zoom out though, we will see that the sailboat is moving fast by the assistance of the elements.

This week is not about stressing or forcing ourselves to action. This week is about following the flow and adjust our sails slightly after the wind’s direction and strength, while we sit comfortable in the boat. Then we can move fast and effortless.

Sometimes we don’t need to rush to action. Sometimes it’s good to have a plan. This week putting together a sound business plan is a brilliant time spend. See it as you are adjusting your sails for the year.

If you’ve tuned in to my pod from yesterday where we went into the energies of February, you know that this month might feel quiet and calm. That is misleading since the fact is that there is a lot of things happening with our energy and around us. It’s just as the boat, if we can relax enough to let the wind be the strength and speed, all we need to do is hold the direction.

Monday, we have a lovely New Moon in Aquarius and like all New Moons it’s a good time to plant the seeds of new beginnings. This is no different. Dream big, envision big, leave your fears and logical thinking back at shore or throw them overboard and set sail for your paradise. Whatever that might be for you!

This New Moon is also the perfect time to meet new friends or generate different types of networking possibilities. Let it come organically by follow the flow, breath, relax and enjoy a moment of stillness, before we pick up speed again in Mars.

Listen to your inner voice. Can you start to hear it? Can you feel your desires? This is where your effort should go this week and the clearer you are the faster it will take you.

At the end of the week we continue to stay still, focused on our dreams, letting the energies do the muscle work. Remember this week it’s not you that should work up a sweat that will give you the speed, it’s you relaxing into the flow and divine interventions.

Looking at the Chinese New Year that begins at the same time as our New Moon this week, we are entering the year of the Pig. The Pig is a symbol of wealth and luxury and its element is Earth. Now a pig can also be considered being lazy and that is not the energy we are connecting to this week. Even if we are relaxed and quiet, we’re active through our seeds that we saw and our dreams and plans that we feel and even faster through our desires that we are mapping out.

On Sunday Mercury makes a shift and moves into Pieces which can bring forth a tendency to skip details and facts in favour of intuition. Although this is a gift it’s also important to keep a lookout for miscommunication. This will go on for the next two months. A good plan is when in doubt, ask again, when communicating be as clear as you can. Both your inner and outer voice.

Keeping it light and remember sometimes doing nothing is doing the whole shebang, I hope that is clear.

Love Maria

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