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What's up week 7

Let’s go on a treasure hunt and keep a look out for a hidden gem or gift within us all this week.

It’s hidden behind some surprising and unexpected happenings. Advice is an open mind to whatever life throws us, knowing that there could be something new at the end of it.

If we stay away from jumping to conclusions out of old habits, old thought patterns and fear of unfamiliarity and instead move with the flow and change the way we’re looking at a situation, the treasure hunt is on.

On Wednesday, Mars the planet of war is creating a day filled with explosive, aggressive, hot-blooded energy with little regard for future consequences. Remember to keep your mind open, follow your flow and embrace your uniqueness. If you are able to see challenges in a different way this war energy can help you find a new lease on life or end a stagnant situation.

You can always ask your energy and guides for signs to see your way in a new light

The Mars energy improves the next day when we move in to a period of a stable and long-lasting energy of love and money. Just in time for Valentines day.

Apart from the mid-week explosive energy, this week continues with Februaries calm energy in the way that it feels like not much is happening.

Why not take the opportunity to dive into yourself!

It’s a perfect time to practice your listening capacity, to your body, to your light, your soul and practice trust. Listen and put your intention to connect to get familiar with your hearts voice before we start moving faster in March.

At the end of the week it’s still calm waters on the surface and concealed actions behind the apparent standstill.

Please remember how wonderful, magical and unique you and everyone are. How great diversity is and stay true to your unique light and it will help you balance this weeks energy.

Exciting times!

Keeping it light,


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