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What's up week 10

Welcome to the month of March where we pick up the pace!

The month starts off with this week where it’s a two step forward, one step back dance going on. Moving us forward is a Pieces New Moon mid-week. Asking us to review our steps is a Mercury retrograde starting Tuesday (until the 28 of March).

This is not a bad thing, to review our steps. Seeing that the energy will move us forward in a higher pace this month, some reflection and adjustments on the way should only be welcomed.

As always with Mercury in revers it is not a good time to sign contracts or start something new and your electronics might take off on a life of its own (mine already started this Sunday). If you have to sign a contract, make sure you read it thoroughly. If your technology starts to behave out of order, breath and read the instructions thoroughly.

The main focus this retrograde however is on spiritual and artistic projects, good work and forgiveness. Review and make sure you do the right thing for the right reasons.

If you get stuck, try and compare traditional versus new approaches to see which works for you. If your goals are met with resistance it may be due to the method, you are using to attain them rather than a flaw in your actual plan. It could also be your reason to why you are doing it. It’s important to always stay on the path of integrity in every aspect of life and this month we get to dig into if we do.

See, not to bad to have a time where we get some planetary review help.

Having a support group of friends or a spiritual teacher who walks his or her talk will uplift you and allow you to stand tall in your work.

Even if we have a New Moon mid-week that usually pushes us to start new, this month it’s more about letting what ever seed and goals we have sown earlier these year/these years to grow. It is not about inventing new steps but walking in the direction we have planted earlier.

There is a big change on Tuesday when Uranus, the planet that represents revolution, shifts and moves into Taurus, the sign of security and money. This shift signals an economic and financial revolution that will influence global markets for the next seven years.

The energy of the week is light and joyful, almost a bit childlike, asking us to not be so serious but to enjoy and appreciate life and let our hair down. See how it works when we look upon things from a joyful and light angel. Sometimes that angle is hard to find, and we must search for it, shift our focus and actively set our intention to find it. If we want to get out of whatever is pulling us down and lowering our vibe, to change our mindset around it.

So, let’s do the two steps forward one step back dance and enjoy the rhythm on the way!

Keeping it light!


P.s If you like to hear more about this month’s energies and do a balancing meditation you can o to my pod “Meditation Jam with Maria Rinné” and listen to the latest episode. You find the pod at Itunes, Stitcher, Soundlcoud, Podcaster and more.

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