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What's up week 11

We have a lovely week in front of us, filled with light energy, warmth, compassion, movement and unexpected happenings. This is a week when we can get a lot accomplished. It’s an especially good week to work with our physical health, financial objectives and career goals.

To top it off we should also be prepared for the unexpected in the most loving and joyful way. Turns that we have not planned or foreseen. Situations that comes out of the blue, helping us. It’s what we manifested in the beginning of the year and the year before.

When we create with magic we also need to allow this magic to show up, usually when you least expect. So, be open and accept good things coming your way.

There are many varieties of stress and this week we could get the kind that comes from having a lot of wonderful things in our life at once. If things have been quite for you, expect to see an increase in action. Make sure you have your tasks prioritized. Whenever possible, delegate items from your to-do-list to others. Remember to be grateful for all the wonderful things in your life while you juggle them. This will help you with successful multitasking and creating instantaneous results.

By the end of the week, there is a strong currant, pushing us towards our paths. Try to relax in to it. Try to accept how good it can get and accept changes that gives you a feeling of joy. Listen to your intuition. It is telling you whether it is a way that you want to keep walking or if you should turn. Know that the current that is pushing us at the end of the week is in our highest good and we need to be fearless to see it, feel it and follow it, in our best capacity. Rest assure we will get some planetary help with this on Friday when there’s a tendency to see the bright side of things.

Saturday the thought process will become deeper, with greater curiosity about what lies beneath the surface. We may start to explore what/where this strong current is taking us.

Communications speed up and become more energetic on Sunday, even though we have a Mercury in reverse, thanks to some other planetary movements.

Overall a strong energetic week in the sense of movement and there is a lot of compassion and love going around for us to follow and give.

Keeping it light


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