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What's up week 12

We are being supported this week, with energy from the Sun and the Universe, helping us strengthening our energy in a beautiful way all through the next month.

Now’s the time to act. When indecision previously held you back, this is a moment to trust yourself and move forward. This can sometimes be challenging. Let your intuition guide you to your perfect choice. A choice that’s best for you rather than trying to please others. If you get stuck with feeling trapped between the intellectual and the emotional, go with your intuition.

If you lack clarity, ask your guides for a sign and then be open to what’s coming to make your choice with confidence!

It may be necessary to compromise with others in order to move forward. Don’t allow past concerns or actions to keep you from attaining your goals. Make your decisions best on where you are right now.

Midweek there is both a Super Full Moon in Libra and Spring Equinox (Spring in the northern hemisphere and Winter in the southern). This makes it a perfect week to truly balance ourselves, truly take stock of where we are and what we have accomplished. Could be over the year, the week the month, our life.

Then bring in gratitude to the equation, towards ourselves. We are asked to be gentle and loving and caring with ourselves and the energy from the sun is helping us with this.

When you take stock, don’t focus at what didn’t get or what you lost. Look at where you are and how amazing that is. Know that there are steps for everything. If you aren’t where you would like to be yet, it is as it should be. As long as you keep moving, listening and taking the steps.

The Super Full Moon in Libra marks the end of the series of three Super Full Moons at zero degrees and also a good time to contact your unconscious to help bring business or relationship issues to a good conclusion. This is not a time to ignore a problem in the hopes that it will go away, but to address it with the loving energy that’s around.

Ther's a big amount of love going through us, strengthening our core and letting us complete this Super Full Moon cycle with appreciation, love and some excitement to the next step.

Wednesday is also a celestial reminder to get those creative fires burning. It's a positive start to a power energy where mountains can be moved. Yeahh, after a long time of feeling like we're moving through a void, how amazing isn’t that!

Look out for a minor glitch on Thursday that may bring up temper tantrums and love-hate situations. Focus on the positive and when Friday comes there is a speedy recovery where we have a possibility to heal our deepest wounds.

At the very end of the week it is a bit like we have stepped into a new world, a new dimension, new energy where we can’t even remember how it used to be. If we let ourselves stay open to this possibility.

Keeping it light,


p.s If you are up for some love, joy and connection, check out my pod from Yesterday where we connect with Universal Love in a beautiful meditation. You’ll find “Meditation Jam with Maria Rinné” at Podcaster, Stitcher, iTunes, Soundcloud and more.

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